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Writing & Speeches

  • Letter to the Community

    ICEO John Dozier to become president of Columbia College

    Dear members of the MIT community, We write to convey the bittersweet news that John Dozier will step down as Institute Community and Equity Officer (ICEO) on June 30 to become president of Columbia College, a private liberal arts college in Columbia,…
  • Letter to the Community

    Embracing freedom of expression in the life of MIT

    Dear members of the MIT community, In January 2022, a faculty-led working group began to develop a statement of principle around freedom of expression as well as a set of supporting recommendations. The faculty approved a final version of the statement by…
  • Speech

    49th Annual MLK Celebration

    Thank you, Myles, for the introduction! And thank you all for the warm welcome! As we get started, I’d like to offer a special welcome to the local officials who are with us today – Cambridge City Councilors Mark McGovern, Paul Toner and Quinton Zondervan…
  • Letter to the Community

    Hello from 02139!

    To the members of the MIT community, Early this morning, I walked for the first time from Gray House to my new office. The start of January means that things are quiet. But I’ve learned enough about MIT to know that won’t last long. Since my husband,…
  • Speech

    Remarks by President-Elect Sally Kornbluth to the MIT community

    The following remarks were given by President-Elect Sally Kornbluth to a gathering of community members in room 10-250 on Thursday, Oct. 20. Thank you, Madam Chair, for the warm introduction. And thank you also for the careful and thorough way…