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Let’s do 
big things, 

— MIT President Sally Kornbluth

MIT President Sally Kornbluth

Sally Kornbluth is MIT's 18th president.

Since she joined MIT in January 2023, President Kornbluth has fostered bold thinking – from solutions to dramatically accelerate progress against climate change, to helping ensure the power of AI is harnessed for good, to forging daring new links between engineering and life science.

MIT President Sally Kornbluth
MIT President Sally Kornbluth

MIT has a distinctive recipe for impact: this community’s signature ability to foster the very best in fundamental research and harness it to confront society’s hardest problems. As humanity struggles with so many interlocking global crises, it has never needed the people of MIT more than it does now.

Sally Kornbluth

MIT President
MIT President Sally Kornbluth

Special Initiatives

The Climate Project at MIT

In her inaugural address, President Sally Kornbluth called on the MIT community to mount a “bold, tenacious response” to the global threat posed by climate change. Drawing on the insights and perspectives of many at MIT and beyond, this new plan responds to President Kornbluth’s call.

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Latest News

MLK Celebration Gala pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and his writings on “the goal of true education”

Now in its 50th year, the annual event featured remarks from MIT community members and civil rights activist Janet Moses.

Anantha Chandrakasan named MIT’s inaugural chief innovation and strategy officer

While continuing to serve as dean of engineering, Chandrakasan will play a pivotal role in advancing President Kornbluth’s priorities.

Letter to the MIT community: Announcing the Climate Project at MIT

President Kornbluth introduces a major campus-wide effort to solve critical climate problems with all possible speed.

3 Questions: The Climate Project at MIT

Richard Lester describes an emerging new initiative that will back climate efforts at the Institute and find outside partnerships to drive actionable innovation.

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