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Listening Tour

Last updated May 19, 2023

Dear colleagues and students,

Since arriving on campus in January, I’ve spent much of my time in conversation with faculty, staff, students, researchers, and postdocs, and will be speaking with alumni and other friends of MIT as part of an ongoing listening tour. I’m grateful for how warmly you’ve welcomed me and how openly you’ve shared your experiences, suggestions, and aspirations with me.

Although I am sure that I have not captured every one of the many comments I’ve heard so far, I’ve tried to group the community’s feedback thematically below. The points you see here aren’t direct quotes from individuals, but we do have extensive notes that underpin this summary. You’ll see contradictory opinions and advice. I have not attempted to resolve these conflicts, because my goal with this page is simply to give you a sense of what I’m hearing. If you have attended a listening tour session and you feel that I’ve not mentioned something significant from the session, please feel free to email me and let me know.      

We’ll update this page as the tour progresses. When I have completed the tour in early fall, I will begin to post comments that grapple with the issues and ideas laid out here, building on the important contributions and achievements of my predecessors.