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Important Update

MIT President Sally Kornbluth

Dear members of the community,

As I explained by video last Saturday, one of our concerns about the current encampment has been its potential to turn our campus into a magnet for protestors from outside MIT. This is not theoretical: Earlier this week, a group of more than 150 people from outside MIT gathered on Massachusetts Avenue in support of the encampment.

We are now aware of an additional situation later today involving a rally, registered with the city to occur at 77 Mass. Ave., in support of our Israeli and Jewish students, and an opposing protest nearby, both with organization by groups from outside MIT. We are making every appropriate preparation for these rallies, with strong support from local police.

When I met with student leaders from the encampment earlier this week, I stressed repeatedly that my chief concern is the physical safety of everyone at MIT, and I urged them to work with us in finding a thoughtful way to end this situation.

I ask that members of the community join us in doing everything possible to keep the peace.

Sally Kornbluth