The loss of a member of our community

July 17, 2014

To the members of the MIT community:
I write to let you know of the sad loss of Professor JoAnn Carmin, who died on Tuesday following a long illness. Since joining the DUSP faculty in 2003, she developed important field research focused on how cities around the world are taking steps, often independent of their national governments, to defend themselves against present and future effects of climate change. You can learn more about her work here.
Our thoughts go out to Professor Carmin's family and friends, and to all of her colleagues and students in DUSP. At such times, the greatest comfort comes from the kindness of those around us. But please know that, as always, the Institute's student support and mental health services are available to all members of the MIT community and can be accessed via MIT Together.
In the past few weeks we have suffered the loss of several members of our community. Because their deaths have come so close together, the weight of the news can feel heavy even if you did not know the people involved. You may even wonder if it makes sense to write to the whole community on these occasions. But I would like us always to remember that we are a community of individuals -- each dear and irreplaceable. MIT is a place of high intensity and relentless forward motion. Especially for this reason, let us also be a community that takes time to note the loss of one of its members, to honor that person's life and work, and to embrace in our hearts those who feel the loss the most.
I know we will be better, wiser and stronger together the more we care for one another.
In sympathy,
L. Rafael Reif