Gratitude and Curiosity

May 12, 2016

To the members of the MIT community,

Sometimes a set of experiences is so intense and exciting that it takes a few days to fully absorb and appreciate them. For me, images of last weekend’s “Moving Day” festivities have been floating through my head and lifting my spirits all week.

What I saw was a community in happy, playful action: all the usual MIT make-a-better-world energy, focused this time on creativity, celebration – and dancing. Many people have expressed to me how much they enjoyed every aspect of the weekend, from the parade to the pageant to the parties. And many people have suggested that we should find a way to do more of this sort of thing.

So this note is to express my warm appreciation for everyone who took part in the celebrations – and to ask a favor: So that we can learn from this success, I would be grateful to get your quick, informal feedback. How did you participate in Moving Day? What was most fun, memorable or meaningful, and why? What should MIT do more of or do differently?

If you have thoughts on any of those questions, please share them with me at I won't be able to answer them individually, of course, but once we have had time to consider the community’s collective feedback, we will find a way to update you on what we learned.

To all of you students – best wishes on your exams, please remember to get some sleep and have a wonderful summer! And to everyone – Happy spring, now that it’s finally here!

Yours in Mind and Hand and Heart,

L. Rafael Reif